NLeon Scenic Design founder and artist, Narbeh Leon, has been drawing, painting and creating artwork ever since he could hold a pencil in his hand. Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1982, His experience as an artist started at the tender age of 1, when he picked up his mom’s black pencil and started scribbling all over his parents’ bedroom wall. From there he graduated to using pens, markers, and anything else he could find to continue the artwork he had started on that wall. His parents, seeing the fire in his eyes, allowed him to express his creativity, knowing full well they could just paint over it and return the wall back to its original look at any time. The scribbling, and artistic freedom to created, ignited a passion in Narbeh that he has had his entire life. From a young age, he showed interest in drawing and painting. He would use any object as a still life image and draw it on whatever canvas he could find. He used paper, wood, cardboard, and everything and anything he could find to create art. As a child, his family moved from Iran to Spain, where his artistic mind began to percolate. Seeing all the Spanish architecture in Madrid and Barcelona, he could only imagine a day where he would get to create such beautiful buildings or, as he saw them, pieces of art. During their stay, the family visited museums and galleries to take in the culture. Finding himself immersed in art, Narbeh couldn’t help but look at, touch and feel the art and imagine how he could recreate them. At the age of 7, he moved to the United States and, quite early on in his young life, began taking art classes to try to hone his skills. Through these art lessons, his artistic endeavors finally had a

permanent home and were given an opportunity to flourish and shine. Narbeh went on to win several awards at art competitions throughout the country and was recognized for his use of traditional and non-traditional methods of creating pieces of art. Growing up, he used every opportunity to try new methods, sometimes damaging furniture in the process and, in all of his experimentations, he never gave up the desire to learn. His first years in college were spent preparing for a career in product design and architecture. However, with the economic crash in 2007, he decided he would leave behind his passion for art and begin a new career in the financial industry. As time wore on, Narbeh realized his love for art had never ceased and now, more than ever, he needed that as an outlet. He spent the next several years drawing and creating for family and friends, and constantly trying to learn a new process and a new method while doing so. In 2020, with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic forcing all sectors of the economy to either shut down or drastically cut operating hours, Narbeh found himself spending more time at home and being drawn to his creative side. He bought some new materials and spent all

of his free time creating new works of art. Little did he know, that in August of 2020, his entire world would change. On a recommendation, he was contacted to paint a mural resembling the sky, on the ceiling of a new 4,000 sq. ft. storefront. From there, Narbeh has not looked back. His talent was immediately recognized and, in less than a year, a new scenic design business has developed and is currently thriving. Narbeh has had the opportunity to work with private individual clients, as well as leading event planners in the event industry and producers in the entertainment industry, bringing their visions to life in using his unique techniques and eye for art. He has transformed the looks of businesses with a stroke of a brush or a drag of a trowel containing venetian plaster. He has turned a sheet of plywood into a work of art by drawing scenery on it and creating 3D designs. The world, according to Narbeh, is a beautiful backdrop to house all of his creations. His process may seem quite simple, with imagination, concept design and execution, however, his work is anything but! It only takes one look to know that you have witnessed something that you, not only could never imagine, but have never seen before. The sky is the limit and Narbeh has the passion and determination to keep driving forward, leaving beautiful pieces of art behind for everyone to enjoy!